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I write a certain amount of non-linguistics-related software for my own use and that of friends and colleagues. Some of those programs are robust enough for me to offer them for others' use. They are very easy to install, and won't hurt your computer or steal any information from you. Although I don't provide technical support per se, you are welcome to write with questions or suggestions.

I am allowing the public to use this software for free, as I belive that free software benefits everybody. If you would like to surprise me and make a donation to support development of the software, feel free to make a deposit to my PayPal account:

The amount of documentation included varies from program to program. I will try to add to this documentation over time. If you use the Java Web Start installation procedure (recommended), then you will get program updates automatically.

The software currently on offer is:

A program for organizing to-do lists in hierarchical and searchable form. Also includes a calendar feature.
A program that helps you collect bits of text you write so that you can reuse them over and over.
A simple program for keeping track of birthdays and people's ages.