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New blog

I'm happy to report that I have a new blog, which you can check out by clicking on "Blog" at left. I will try to add to it semi-regularly, so please check back if you like what you read.

(Hint: If you're not used to blogs, the newest posts are at the top, so you might want to start reading at the bottom.)

I've also re-posted my (rather hilarious, if I do say so myself) travelogue from summer 2003, called Thoughts of Trains, in case you would enjoy reading that. It's also linked to on the blog page.

Dexter is online

The Dexter project website is up and slowly coming along, which is much the same thing that can be said for the project itself. Please let me know if you'd like to be a beta-tester!


We've now relocated to Ann Arbor, which is somewhere in Michigan. It's strange to be here, but it seems like a very enjoyable place to live. Stay tuned for the blog I'm going to start on life out here...

Leaving Boston...

Annelie and I are gearing up for a big move: to Ann Arbor, MI, where Annelie has been offered a very nice post-doc fellowship. Stay posted for more on that.

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