Welcome to Gregory's Reference Checker by Gregory Garretson

What is this?
This is a free service for academics and anyone else who writes papers with citations and a bibliography but doesn't use fancy bibliographic software.
What does it do?
You upload your paper, and the program scans if for citations. Then it compares what it finds to the paper's references section and reports any inconsistencies: citations that don't match an entry in the references section, and references that don't match any citation in the paper. You might think it won't find any, but you'd be surprised. Oh, it also reports the number of times you cite each source, which you may find interesting.
What about privacy?
Good question. I respect your privacy just as I would want you to respect mine. Your paper is not saved on the server after you use the program. No one will ever see it, including me. The only information I get is the information your browser automatically sends to all web pages you visit. You will have the option to let me use information from your results to improve the program, but that is strictly optional. Still not convinced? See here.
May I use it?
Absolutely, provided it's for personal and not commercial purposes.
Are there disclaimers?
Yes. This is a free service that is offered without waranty of any kind, express or implied. If it misses an error in your paper, I'm afraid it's your problem, not mine. But of course, if it does, I hope you'll tell me so I can improve the program.
I love all this information.
Is there more?
Yes. See the More Info page for more info, and the troubleshooting page if you're having problems.

OK, how do I start?
Click the button below to go to the paper submission page.